On September 4th, the Fengdu County Jinji Poverty Alleviation Project Promotion Meeting was held. The county leaders pointed out: "Break through all difficulties and grasp the progress of the overall project." Chengdu Yuxing Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. will go all out to cooperate with the work!

It is understood that the Golden Chicken Poverty Alleviation and Construction of the Young Chicken Breeding Project in Fengdu County has strengthened the link mechanism for poverty alleviation benefits. Since the project was signed in December 2016, it has decided to adopt the EPC general contracting construction model (exploration around the goal of “strive to complete and put into operation in one year”. , design, construction, equipment procurement general contracting) accelerate the construction of the project.

The project covers a total area of 600 mu. The project completed land acquisition and demolition in the first half of last year. The flat field project was started in September last year. It is expected that the flat field project will be completed by the end of January this year.

The total investment of the project is about 850 million yuan, and the investment of Fengdu County is 300 million yuan. The fixed assets investment and young chicken farms of the construction plant (including equipment) in the Xiangyan Village of Huwei Town (two 300,000 stocks) Farming area), laying hen farm (6 farming areas with 300,000 stocks), feed mills, slaughter plants, biogas power plants, organic fertilizer plants, and supporting office and living areas. At the same time, the cooperative company invested 150 million yuan for the investment of biological assets and the working capital of production and operation. In addition, the cooperative company will invest 400 million yuan to build the egg processing southwest center and egg research and development center in Shuitianping Industrial Park.

It is understood that after the project is fully completed and put into production, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 500 million yuan and an annual tax payment of 35 million yuan, which can solve the employment of about 1,200 people. The net income and employment can drive more than 10,000 people to get rid of poverty.

This is the gospel of our chicken equipment industry, and it is an opportunity for people who want to get rid of poverty and become rich. I wish that China can achieve the goal of a well-off society at an early date.
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