Zhaoxing Animal Husband tells you how to deal with chicken manure. If you dump the chicken manure directly, it will be a pity. If it is not handled properly, it will cause environmental pollution. What should be done to not waste or pollute the environment?

The chicken manure can be collected and fermented to kill the eggs and harmful objects in the chicken manure. After the chicken manure is poured on the ground, the environment will not be polluted, and organic fertilizer can be produced. Some farmers will not properly handle chicken manure. After the chicken manure is more, the chicken manure will be directly dumped on the roadside to pollute the air. Others directly fell into the fish ponds in the field, which in turn caused a negative impact on production. The following Yuxing animal husbandry tells you how to turn chicken manure into waste.

Chicken manure is not only a good fertilizer but also contains high nutrients and can also be used as feed. Each laying hen produces approximately 36 kg of chicken manure per year, and each broiler produces approximately 4 kg of chicken manure. If a large-scale breeding plant can properly use these chicken manures every year, it will produce better economic and ecological benefits. Especially in summer, the weather is very hot, and more attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the house. The chicken manure is usually washed with water, the chicken manure is diluted with water, and the manure pool will soon be filled after the water is too much. This requires digging more septic tanks and taking more time to take up more resources. Some people directly poured chicken manure into the river ditch, causing serious environmental pollution. In view of the current status of this culture, a chicken manure dewatering machine was invented, and the chicken manure was dried. The chicken manure with a water content of 70% was dried and the water content of the chicken manure was reduced to 35%, followed by simple air drying and drying. After that, the dried chicken manure can be bagged and sold to organic fertilizer manufacturers. Don't underestimate the effect of this. If the size of the chicken farm is large enough, this is not a small income every year. It is also possible to use the remaining manure to pour the ground, which is a good nutrient solution.

For ordinary farmers, selling chicken manure can not only reduce the cost of breeding, but also solve the problem of water pollution. It is a good thing to do both!
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