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Septic system
Septic system · 详细介绍
1. The frame of the bracket is a galvanized sheet. The surface is smooth and free of burrs, completely avoiding scratching the manure.

2. The front wheel is made of plastic nylon. The spiral structure can remove feces more effectively and keep the manure belt clean.

3. The tail drive roller is covered with high-strength tire rubber to increase the friction force, and it is not easy to deflect when it is not slipping during work, thus protecting the manure belt.

4, double scraper can reduce more chicken manure. With the linkage, all the scrapers in one column can be opened for cleaning at one time.

5. The manure belt is imported from Breiji Company, which is resistant to acid and alkali, good toughness, anti-aging, long service life, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance (as low as -40 °C).

6. The outdoor decontamination machine can transport unfermented manure from the poultry house directly to the manure truck or anywhere else, reducing labor and pollution, keeping the air fresh and improving the efficiency of reusing the manure.

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