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Egg collection system
Egg collection system · 详细介绍
1. Egg belts are imported from Brigitte, Italy. This is the world's largest and most professional supplier of egg belts and defecation belts. It has been produced for more than 60 years. The egg strip has the advantages of anti-aging, high strength, low elongation, and large friction coefficient to prevent the egg from rolling.

2. The vertical egg collecting machine is a patented product of our company. This machine consists of a number of high-strength chain-driven, well-plastic polymeric material support tubes. If a large number of eggs are gathered together, the eggs can be moved slightly along the support tube to prevent crushing due to the smooth surface. When the machine is running, the eggs on the support tube will rise steadily until they fall on the central egg conveyor. Unlike traditional vertical egg-collecting machines, this machine does not flip the egg from back to front and the egg breaking rate is less than 0.3%. The machine can be layered separately, adding a small egg-dropping device and a egg-sweeping device to keep the eggs clean. Low egg breaking rate, good ventilation, low maintenance rate, easy scrubbing, advanced structure, reasonable design and simple operation are popular among consumers.

3. The central egg-collecting machine is connected to the vertical egg-collecting machine. Regardless of its length and angle, our central egg-collecting machine can safely transport eggs to any place you want. We can lick eggs in the egg store instead of the poultry house to avoid bringing bacteria to the hens and reduce the stress response of the hens, thus affecting the egg production rate.
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